The Center for the Safety And Reliability of Autonomous Systems (SARAS)

SARAS is an interdisciplinary organization focusing on autonomous system safety and reliability. Autonomous are designed to be inherently ‘safe and reliable’ … they can (for example) detect and avoid colliding with objects and obstacles. It is overwhelmingly believed that future autonomous systems will be safer and more reliable … but the challenges in realizing this future are substantial. How does a government regulator say that an autonomous system is ‘safe and reliable?’ How do manufacturers do the same? These questions are yet to be satisfactorily answered.

SARAS includes engineers, lawyers, scientists and public planners. We aim to help all stakeholders design, build operate and certify safe and reliable autonomous systems. We help governments (at all levels), their agencies, manufacturers and other researches in creating frameworks under which reliable and safe autonomous systems are designed and operated.

The incorporation of autonomous systems into everyday life - from the perspective of safety and reliability - will be either painful, planned or lucky.

We aim to help it be planned.